2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Just finished watching AUJ with Cara!


ahhh yes preparing for the bofa pain and theorizing about the wraith fish that may or may not have come into possession of the ring after isildur’s death and before it…




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*~All Magic Comes With a Price~*

The Dale Set for The Hobbit


The Avengers as a Monster-Slaying OUAT Fantasy Show


The Hobbit bts spam [16/?]

[Female] Blood Hierarchy / Castes





☼ Hufflepuff Common Room

“It was round, earthy and low-ceilinged; it always felt sunny, and its circular windows had a view of rippling grass and dandelions. There was a lot of burnished copper about the place, and many plants, which either hang from the ceiling or sat on the windowsills. The overstuffed sofas and chairs were upholstered in yellow and black, and the dormitories were reached through round doors in the walls of the common room. Copper lamps cast a warm light over the four-poster beds, which were covered in patchwork quilts, and small copper bed warmers hung on the walls, in case of cold feet.”

This is so beautiful and I’m not even a hufflepuff.

nights of skyrim: [7/7] - colourful skies


New photo cover for my page FB:


Thanks my friend Stefy for the photos <3


RackhAnne Appreciation Week Day 4:

↬ Favourite outfit:

*Eleanor hands mic to Gates*

Gates: ”Wait, what the fuck am I supposed to do with this?”

Eleanor: *sighs* “You’re supposed to speak with it, Hal…”

Gates: “Does this devilish thing even work?” *checks mic* “Wow, ok, yes, it does…” *clears throat* “Well, good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Oooh, fuck it - Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum you sorry arse-headed pieces of scum! We are so fucking delighted to introduce to you the newest Pirate Fall 2014 Collection, “Calico Swag”! You better fucking enjoy it, you twats and then you get back on the beach because you have work to do!”

(I’m sorry but damn don’t these stills look like they come from a fashion magazine I mean I’m just fuck look at anne’s striped shirt wait a minute loOK AT JACK’S SLEEVES THE OUTFITS MATCH I wonder what they would be like when they go shopping do they even go shopping I bet they go and jack would choose all the outfits apart from the hat jack wouldn’t want it because it would ruin his hairstyle but anne is adamant she wants a hat god I’m immensely frustrated by these two now oh yes feel free to delete this caption if you want to it’s completely useless without any punctuation and sense as are the tags but this wouldn’t have fitted there I suppose this post is completely fucked up I hope you’ll forgive me)


Demons run, but count the cost
The battle’s won, but the heirs are lost

Edwin Long - Queen Esther (1878)

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